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S.I.S. , Is an International Police Self Defense System (c), created by me, to comply strictly with the United Nations principles on the use of force. It is recognized by CIAM, International Martial Arts Federation It is divided into different levels of training. Based on real experiences and designed to meet the needs of the Police, Military and ultimately, public safety, private security and bodyguards. We have representatives of this system in many countries, like Mexico, Italy, England, New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, etc. For security reasons, do not expose here the program. If you need more information, contact me at the Contact section

SIS Representatives around the world

hilario falcon usa

Hilario Falcon


cesar alfredo del aguila peru

Cesar Alfredo del Águila


patrick wildon uk

Patrick Waldron


simon gaunt new zealand

Simon Gaunt

New Zealand / Australia

sello cesar negro