naranja team

When speaking of martial arts, everyone imagines movies action scenes, and where the protagonist is always a winner in any situation that is hostile. This makes it very attractive martial arts training for people who want to be the winner. However, it is merely the exaltation of ego and desire to be more than others. This group of people is NOT in martial arts and just wants very quick results in training.
On the other side are those who want to reach the SATORI in a few months or years, completely dismissing the effectiveness of the technique. Only concerned about achieving a world view different from the others, but Express. It is still another exercise in ego but no sweat. This group is also NOT in martial arts.
It is also common to find those who train to demonstrate what they know and even try to test their knowledge with others who do not even train. They get to pick a fight to prove knowledge with just a few kicks and punches. Obviously, they are also NOT in martial arts.
Finally, there are those who defend above all, their style is the best. That is, that of others, is worthless. And I go further, even within the same style, criticizing fellow by the fact of having a different view of the same discipline. Outside of martial arts? I think so … but with nuances. You may not like what makes someone your style, but do not crush it, because if you lose the respect for others, you lose respect for yourself.
So who is IN the martial arts?
It is a difficult question to answer. The reality of martial arts was born out of a need for survival, while the need for human development must go together.
In my humble opinion, martial arts basically means two points:
1. It has to work, it was his priority.
2. Must have a spiritual background to help you grow as a human being.
Moreover, sweats, commit, aid, have eyes for other styles as Soke said. Do not believe yourself the best in the world because you are finished. Do not force anyone to train with you or forbid them to do so with others. The respect and admiration of the student earned, not demanded.
And above all, happiness follows … .this pervade those around you … and maybe someday we will be INSIDE the martial arts.
César Pelegrín- Shihan