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Our purpose is not only to train Budo and Bujutsu, but delve into the ancient wisdom of the martial arts through analysis step by step . The adaptation of the knowledge to life today, will respond to any situation and will help you improve as a human being. Train with us. Read more …

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Our International Police Self Defense System, will keep you prepared for any hostile situation without losing control and proportionality. We teach around the world. We cover all aspects of Police work and private security worldwide. Read more …

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The Police Self Defense in Spain, is regulated by the Higher Sports Council, through the Spanish Federation of wrestling and its various regional federations. We are responsible for the discipline in Malaga province. Read more …


Welcome to our website. Through our experience, try to join us to the world of traditional martial arts and the International Police Self Defense. We have a full program of each of our disciplines. We guarantee many years of experience and enthusiasm to continue working and learning from our surroundings.

Moreover, we are concerned with social problems of today. This is why we support organizations that help people with difficulties of various kinds.

Our primary objective is to teach prevention, and participate in all activities we are required, in support of a social cause that allows us to help.

I invite you to enjoy the wonderful world of Martial Arts and Self Defense, but mostly, I invite you to be supportive and be better human beings.

César Pelegrín


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